Site promotion

Why do you need to promote your site?

Let’s imagine that one talented but young author edited a nice book and wants to sell as many issues as possible. If the book lays on the top shelf in a suburban bookstore, somebody will hardly take it, blow off the dust from the cover and read at least its name, to say nothing about purchase. The other situation comes when the same book lays on the best shelves in all the bookstores: shop assistants recommend reading it, then the customers reread it few times and praise to their friends.

We can apply this example to the site. If the user is searching some kind of goods with the help of search engine (according to statistics 75% of people do this – search engines have 4 times bigger auditory than the most popular Ukrainian TV channel), he looks at the most prominent place – the first page of search results. If your site isn’t situated at this page, chances to attract potential client decrease with cosmic speed:

- оnly 35% users will visit the second page of the results;

- 5% will see the third one.

Our main task (and we perform it well) is to achieve high positions for your site, raise your sales and make the site bring more income.


How do we make the promotion?

For beginning you need to determine:

- where exactly you want to see the site – in the top 10, top 5 or top 3 of results.

- which key words characterize your business;

- what budget you are ready to invest in the promotion.


Have you decided? Now it’s our turn to act:

- we select the optimal number of keywords and phrases with the help of which the client can find your site in search engine;

- we conduct an internal site optimization (improving the structure, writing the text with key words etc.);

- then we proceed to the outer optimization (in other words, we set your site on its feet, so that search engines want will find it more quickly);

- perform further support of the project.

And after the work, done on your site, somewhere far away on the other end of the city, region or country (world?) there is a user who wants to buy your product. He opens Google or Yandex, types-in his request and finds your site on the highest positions. The result is achieved!


How much time does it take?

From 2 to 6 months – it depends on complexity of the task (level of competition, the name and the domain of the site, the region of promotion).


Are there any guarantees?

Yes, there are. A special contract is signed, according to its terms we are obliged to promote your site for concrete positions in a strict period of time. Every fortnight-month we provide detailed reports about done work, positions of the site, which we have achieved and co on.

If we don’t manage to comply with contract terms, you will get your money back. And the last point, which we can not guarantee, is that your site will not achieve promised positions before specified period.

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