Site auditing

Very often the site which has been worked at for long time and by many specialists doesn’t bring the desired results. Sales don’t increase, new clients don’t come, and the customer thinks seriously – maybe he has made investment in a dummy.

In fact, the creation of a site is not all. Several factors influence its competitiveness, and it is possible to identify any errors that prevent the successful work only with the help of complex site checking, or usability auditing.

Thanks to auditing it is possible to analyze and find many errors:

- the site may be unsuitable in use. For example, complicated navigation, confusing product description, slow page loading speed will hardly attract a potential customer;

- the site design goes long. Clutter of animation, hard for comprehension font (too small or exotic), incorrect colors will quickly tire the reader, and he continues the search of more adequately designed site;

- it is desirable to compare the sites of competitors and to find out why they are more visited. We analyze them and detect their strengths and weaknesses.


Complex auditing consists of several stages:

- SEO-auditing is the analysis of internal and external links, compliance of the site with promoting requirements, selection of the most effective keywords for your business;

- the texts are checked – number of key words, uniqueness of the text, stylistic characteristics. The text should be read by the client easily, must be correctly written and comply with the main idea - to increase sales;

- technical checking: detecting errors, which do not allow the site to reach high positions and have stable attendance (incorrect work of individual services - feedback form, or forum, slow page downloading, deficiencies in the layout, etc.).

The price for this service may range, depending on the volume of work, complexity of the site. After the analysis, our specialists make a detailed report about the shortcomings of the site and opportunities for its optimization.


To calculate the cost of complex auditing, please contact us and we will answer all your questions.

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