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If one does not go forward, he comes back. This proverb can be very useful for business. Those organizations which don’t strive to develop remain on the sidelines, giving way to more proactive competitors. The best way to make your business prosperous is advertising.

Advertising can differ in the budget, efficiency and immensity, starting with the ads in the porch and ending with the sponsorship of international festivals. But not always the finances invested in a large advertising campaign bring desired profit to the businessman. Why is it so?

The matter is in development of the right advertising strategy.

The main purpose of advertising is to attract potential buyers. We would like to show on the example how it works.

Let’s suppose that one entrepreneur, engaged in selling plumbing, decided to rent billboards for his advertisement in several districts. On the one hand, this kind of advertising is very effective: during the day, several thousands citizens will pay attention to a billboard; some of them will read all the information about the product. But only the very few will be interested in it and put down contact numbers of the manufacturer. It would seem that the scope of audience should be extensive, but the problem is hidden elsewhere: the major part of the audience is not specific, and many people will never become buyers of your goods.

Billboards, flyers, leaflets, advertisements in newspapers and on the channels operate on the principle "more is better." Quite different situation is with the Internet advertising: it has a strategy which attracts only clients interested in the production. As a consequence, its effectiveness increases several times.


How to increase sales with the Internet:

During the work on increasing sales we consider many aspects:

1. Development of the site in accordance with the rules of internet marketing. A company website should not be a set of pages in barren style, bare of  "marketing" component. Before the development we and our partners carefully examine the branch of market, competitors` sites to identify useful solutions and to avoid possible errors. The first step (site development) is only the beginning. The site needs to be professionally audited for it could attract customers and increased sales.

2. Complex auditing of the site. This procedure includes checking the site for the so-called usability (easiness in use): design, textual content of the pages, site structure, easy navigation, etc. Also we analyze competitors` sites, draw up a detailed report about the moments that need to be developed, and optimal methods for improving the site work.

3. Copywriting is an important component of sales increase. When a copywriter creates a unique "selling" text he makes research of the market, examines the competitive environment and presents the product in the best aspect, mentioning all its advantages. Literate text is not only a description of the goods or services, but also the application of marketing knowledge, psychology and speech skills. Such a text should be motivating and selling, must not be intrusive, but it pursues the main goal: to increase the sales.

4. Advertising itself. In the Internet environment, the same as in real life, many types of advertising exist:

  - contextual advertising;

  - banner advertising;

  - site search promotion (the most effective form of advertising which consists of promoting the site for the first positions of search engines Google and Yandex).

Many of our clients have appreciated the service of increasing sales on the Internet.

To learn more about the methods of our work, please contact us and we will tell you everything.

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