Contextual advertising

What is contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising is a little ad unit which is located either on the page of results in some search engine (Google, Yandex etc.) or on internet page of the site (the subject of the page must be similar to the information in the ad unit). I.e. your advertisement will be shown only to the user who is interested in purchasing goods and has made some search.


Main advantages of contextual advertising:

- it covers most of target audience;

- this kind of advertising can be shown in definite regions, periods and even days of week or hours (for example, in work days from 18.00 till 23.00), it allows economizing your budget and raises effectiveness of the campaign;

- you pay only in the case of user’s moving to the advertising link. Demonstration and deployment of contextual advertisement is for free;

- minimal term of campaign preparation is 3-4 days.

Often the user without any optimization experience tries to make contextual advertisement by himself. In this case he can meet underlying potential problems: cost overrun, choosing wrong sites, waste of time studying control setting and so on.

Trust professionals in creating contextual advertisement and even with minimal budget advertisement will work for you!


Our work conducted according to the international Google standards.

More details - Working with external partners

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