Advertising in social networks

According to statistics, about 60% of Internet users are registered in such social networks as Vkontakte, Classmates, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 
The presence of a large audience is a great opportunity for companies to advertise their products or services. That is why nowadays such branches as promotion and marketing in social networks (Social media optimization and social media marketing) develop especially actively. 
The most effective way to attract more customers and increase sales is the creation of thematic groups with a description of the company. But it is not enough to create a group, the company needs also promotion and attracting new customers. 


How does it proceed?

 SMO and SMM consists of several stages:

- we analyze the target audience for this product;

- then we create a social network;

- we fill it with quality content - a detailed description of the goods, the company, purchasing procedures, etc.;

- invite new members to the group - this promotes the conversion of visitors into buyers;

- we provide further support of the group.


The results of SMO and SMM

 Firstly, the brand becomes more well-known and recognizable, as advertising in social networks can easily cover a large target audience.

Secondly, the client has the opportunity to know about the opinions and wishes of customers, which allows us to adjust the concept of sales.

Third, the company reputation will only improve, because after buying goods the customer will recommend them to friends and acquaintances.

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