We express gratitude to the agency "Babah!" for complex work on the site Our project is quite young, and it was necessary not only to develop it from the ground up, but to increase its popularity. It was a very difficult task, because there is high competition at daily rent market. The agency promoted the site to the top ten for long-tail and head queries, and thanks to interesting texts content pages became informative and attractive to visitors. Now is in top ten, and the number of visitors is constantly growing. We plan to cooperate with babah-people in future.
Boris Aleksandrov,

Because of contextual advertising, developed by "Babah!", "our organization has received many new orders. Result was in customer base increase, some of them became permanent. Guys, it’s a pleasure to work with you, I wish you the best of luck in business!
Valerij Klimov, "Stekloblok"

When we applied to "Babah!", I had vague idea about Internet advertising possibilities, which in my view, were represented only by short ads. After detailed consultation with agency managers it was clear: search engine optimization is ideal for such business as apartment daily rent, because it gives the best place in the top, increase of new customers, authority increase of the organization. In a couple of weeks after campaign launch there was gradual and steady growth in attendance, and the number of successful transactions also increased. Thanks to the "Babah!" staff for competence and responsible approach to business.
Elena Strelnikova, "Arenda-Odessa"

I think that one of the most important qualities of a good specialist is ability to explain in simple language even the most complex nuances. I can say with confidence that staff in the agency "Babah!" are exactly of such sort, they not only know their business, but also pay attention to the customers. As for the quality of work, all is at a high level and we continue to cooperate.
Advertising Manager, SPE "Ekonad"

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