How much does it cost?...

All depends on where you want to see your site and its advertisement. In search promotion, for example, we must consider three main facts:

- what region you are going to cover (Odessa, southern regions, Ukraine etc.);

- subject of your business (and, accordingly, the level of competition);

- number of keywords (their combination influence how soon the site will appear on high positions);

Final price is individual for every site, but average price for service of our seo company is:

- Odessa (or another regional centre) - 200-400 USD;

- Ukraine - 350-500 USD, budgets can reach 2000 USD;

- CIS, Europe - 500-700 USD, budgets can reach 10000 USD.


…and how does it work?

 Immediately after the payment of our services your advertisement starts working – contextual or banner one. It will take approximately 1-3 days to create a banner, online advertising units and contextual advertising. We also provide online marketing which helps to find out all the drawbacks of the site and eliminate them.

If you want to raise the position of the site in search engines Yandex and Google, it will take 2-6 months. Why such time frame? It depends on:

- the name and the age of the site;

- the domain;

- the region of promotion.

We guarantee the promised promotion of the site in period stated in contract.

You may control successful progress of search engine optimization with the help of our regular reports every fortnight-month.

And, of course, we can not guarantee that your site will not reach high position earlier than stated period of time.

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